ORS Music: “Ash of Our Sin” Live at Life Connection Church

This is a live recording of an original tune that I wrote for Good Friday this year(2013). I thought it would be a one and done song, didn’t think it would see much light beyond that. The congregation took to it a little better than I thought so we’ve kept it in rotation. This is our latest, and I think best, arrangement of it.

Verse 1:

Our King was betrayed, a servant swayed
The rock will deny, in dark of night
His soul pressed with grief, willing but weak
Prays, this cup move, if Your will approve

Verse 2:

The Son beat the hill, through His blood spill
All our debt hung, through curses sung
A road has been paved, from our heart’s grave
With the ash of our sin, and freed death’s pin


Our hearts are open flames
And stones cannot contain
The fullness of your glory lain
Laid your own life down
So we might wear the crown
Death is done! Sing His renown!

Chord Sheet

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