Loop available: “In Tenderness” by Citizens (Free)

In Tenderness is a song that has a tremendously wide appeal. I love it as much as my 2 little girls do. Not many worship songs can I say that’s true of. If you haven’t picked up the Citizens incredible self titled album get on it. This loop arrangement carries much of the original vibe, but there is some significant departures in instrumentation as well as arrangement. Without yet having a live recording of us doing this arrangement I’ll need to describe some of the changes we’ve made.

Verse 1 (half): We sing the first 4 lines but instead of going into the “while angels…” line we do an instrumental and go back to the top of verse 1

Bridge: Chord progression here is A – C#m – B . We let this be a bit of a breakdown with some BGV’s singing the “grace that brought me to the fold” hook

Verse 3: We continue to sing verse 3 over the bridge progression

Outro: Chord progression A – C#m – B – E – C#m – B . We sing oohs (matching the bell notes starting at bar 261) over the “grace that brought me to the fold” hook.

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Song: In Tenderness by Citizens
Key: A
Bpm: 145 (4/4)

Section: Time (bar)

  • Intro: 0:00 (1)
  • All In: 0:33 (21)
  • Verse 1 (half): 0:59 (37)
  • Interlude: 1:26 (53)
  • Verse 1: 1:39 (61)
  • Chorus: 2:19 (85)
  • Verse 2: 2:58 (109)
  • Chorus: 3:38 (133)
  • Bridge: 4:31 (165)
  • Verse 3: 5:11 (189)
  • Chorus: 5:50 (213)
  • Outro: 6:43 (245)
  • Ending: 8:29 (309)

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