Music Thirst: Local Natives “Hummingbird” early contender for album of the year

Wow! I have not been able to stop listening to the Local Natives “Hummingbird” since they released it in late January. Truly great music is enjoyed more as you listen more and some great music takes multiple listens to start enjoying, but not so with this record. First listen I was hooked.

You  & I opens the record with warm pads, rich chorus guitars and haunting vocals that reminded me a lot of Other Lives. The song explores a lot of great instrumentation but the vocals keep the song holding together with a killer hook. As Heavy Feet begins I can sense that these complex drum patterns are going to be one of my favorite things about this record. Wooly Mammoth drives home the point with a killer opening drum sequence that opens up and soars and in a beautiful chorus. The drumming on this record is incredible and contributes much to the great feel this record has.

These songs feel good and to me that’s what keeps me coming back to a record. There’s plenty of good songs that I don’t listen to a lot because they don’t make me feel much. This record has such a great feel through and through, the lyrics are captivating at moments.

Mt. Washington :

Digging like you can bury
Something that cannot die
We could wash the dirt off our hands now
Keep it from living underground

Lazy summer goddess
You can tell a whole empire
I don’t have to see you right now
I don’t have to see you right now

Columbia :

Patricia, every night I’ll ask myself
Am I giving enough, Am I giving enough, Am I giving enough
Am I?

Patricia, every night I’ll ask myself
Am I loving enough, Am I loving enough, Am I loving enough
Am I?

This is hands down one of my favorite albums in the last few years, top tracks for me are Heavy Feet, Black Balloons, Wooly Mammoth, Mt. Washington and Columbia. Grab the whole record though, don’t be dumb.

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