Lessons from the poor inner city: Remember all that you fight for

Streets of Phoenix at Night in HDRDiscouragement. This isn’t unique to the inner city, but you’ll get it by the truck load here.

Men you’ve poured your life into for years will pickup drugs again and leave their family, you’ll see divorce in previously restored marriages, you’ll see adultery, greed, all kinds of sinful avenues of escape from the inner city life explored…the sin isn’t magnified but the weight and effect of sin on men, women and family in the inner city is perhaps seen more clearly than suburban church context. There is very little pretense in the inner city church, not a lot of keeping up appearances to maintain community status and that’s good. But man can it get discouraging seeing your church body struggling under the weight of sin.

Due to the reasons above and many others, corporate momentum is very difficult to develop and that can get very discouraging and tiring. Consistently throughout the last 10 years our elder team has had to encourage each other to say faithful to the call, stay gospel centered and mission minded.

I was reminded of this as I listened to a song by the Walkmen called, somewhat ironically, Heaven.

“Remember, remember

All we fight for!”

Don’t ever forget and don’t be swayed by other treasures. The world will present their treasures and other ministries will present there’s as well. We need no reward beyond Jesus, and faithfulness to the call of Jesus is the only measuring stick we can use for success.

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