Best Albums of 2012

Now is the time of the year where I listen through all of the albums Steve McCoy recommends that I missed over the year. Do yourself a favor and go checkout Steve’s list of 2012’s best albums. So far I was stoked to find:

In addition to Steve’s list here are some of my other favorites:

1. Helio Sequence: Negotiations

My favorite album of 2012, I love these guys, flawless album that stands up to many many repeat listens…trust me on that :) Every song is fantastic making this a prime candidate for a vinyl purchase. Speaking of that since I preordered the vinyl I also got the accompanying quadraphonic cd, that was fun.

2. Citizens: Already / Not Yet

A new band from Mars Hill whose sound was so refreshing. Punk vocals layered with an alt-rock feel and a great live recording. Awesome job on the fresh arrangements of the hymns they chose, especially In Tenderness. Also the original Oh God was one of my favorite worship songs of the year.

3. Kings Kaleidoscope: Asaph’s Arrows

Nobody is putting together the kind of arrangements these guys are consistently putting out. It’s really quite incredible what Chad Gardner has been able to accomplish with his band. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Their Christmas album recently release, Joy Has Dawned, also deserves mention in this list. Absolutely brilliant.

4. Band of Horses: Mirage Rock

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews of this album and I can understand why, they certainly shifted directions with this album. Gone are the melodic, blending of guitar riffs, enter a more traditional alt-country feel. While I certainly loved their previous sound, over time I found myself really enjoying this one as well. One of my favorite songs of the year comes off this record, Everything’s Gonna Be Undone.

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