Sunday Set List: “Mayday…we have no songs about thankfulness”

Got a call from my pastor and he said, “I’m talking about thankfulness, I want to do a longer time of response so get some tunes that talk about thankfulness.” Seemed like a simple enough task, I was sure there were a ton of songs we sing about thankfulness. So I start going through our set list…hmm…no songs with thankfulness in the title. Good thing spotlight is able to search through file contents, I run a search through the worship folder to find songs with thankfulness in the lyrics. Nothing.

I’m shocked. Here we are, my pastor about to preach about how we as Christians should be the most thankful people in all seasons of life, I have have no songs to sing about it. Ouch! Point made. Now I know there are a good amount of songs in the CCLI archive that fit this criteria, but they also violate my other criteria…namely…they are in the CCLI archive(joking…kind of). What I found through my planning center theme search were just songs that didn’t fit us stylistically very well and/or didn’t have time to learn.

While I think all of the songs we sing in our church are, or at least should be, sung from a heart of thankfulness and response to God’s grace, we don’t have any that come right out and say it. And that is a shame, a big shame. A hole in what I’d call our collective music theology (what we believe about God as a whole in the songs we sing). So #1 on my list is fill this gap with either an original or a great song that I haven’t found yet.

What songs that actually use the lyric “thankful” am I missing? Give me some (good) suggestions.

  1. Poison TreeGhost Ship
  2. At the Foot of the Cross – Joe Day
  3. How Great Thou Art – Carl Boberg (Ascend the Hill arrangement)
  4. Nothing But the BloodRobert Lowry (Page CXVI arrangement)
  5. We Will RunGungor
  6. Jesus Paid It AllElvina Hall (Chad Gardner arr.) (loop available)

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