Sunday Set List: “Countdown to Christmas”

This was the final week of no Christmas songs. Now I have to bite the bullet and pull off a few next week. I’ve been working on some new arrangements and hopefully we’ll be able to do Christmas tunes in a cool new way. I will say this though, there are no upbeat cool Christmas songs. Not a single one.

This week’s set went pretty good. The congregation really entered in so that was great. We reworked “Sweetly Broken” because I just couldn’t play it anymore the same way. I think we came up with some cool ideas and pulled it off, just not as smoothly as I would have liked. “With Everything” went really well this week, the church really caught on to this one fast which is great.

  1. Rain DownDelirious (loop used, not yet available)
  2. Sweetly BrokenJeremy Riddle
  3. Gloria 34Taylor Sorensen (loop available)
  4. With EverythingHillsong (loop available)
  5. None But JesusHillsong United (loop used, not yet available)

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