Sunday Set List: “With Everything” debut

Today’s set was a close call, a lot of uncertainty down to the wire but we God worked it all out and it went really well. I had been working on a loop for “With Everything” by Hillsong for a couple weeks and I had it completed to a point where I thought it was ready for Sunday morning. I’ve learned that no matter how good it sounds in headphones, monitors, car, whatever…I have to do the final Reason mix for the church PA. Too many times I’ve had a killer mix at home then played it at church and the EQ is totally different, the room is different of course so some instruments get lost and it’s just no good.

This time I did the final loop mix at the church and then bounced it and everything sounded much better. I was really pleased how well the band did with it for the first time. Really the entire set came off without a hitch except that my guitar caught on my in ears cord and I was getting strangled for an entire song. Almost died, but being the true professional I am I soldiered on and nobody could tell the difference. Oh and then I pulled a muscle trying to fix it with my left hand behind my back…man am I getting old.

  1. Solid RockDelirious (loop available)
  2. Joy of the LordTwila Paris (I know, me and Twila..funny eh? I do a much different version, great song though)
  3. How I Live Kyle Campos (loop used, not yet available)
  4. Come Thou Fount
  5. With EverythingHillsong (loop available)

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